Best Place to Visit in Indonesia: Solo and Yogyakarta

  When you are typing best place to visit in Indonesia in your search engine, you will see many best places that you need to visit when you are planning to spend your holidays in Indonesia. Surakarta or famous with a nick name, Solo, and Yogyakarta are part of them. Solo and Yogyakarta are really wonderful places to visit. They... more →
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4 Best Hotel in Solo Indonesia Based on Review of Travelers

When you are searching for Best hotel in Solo Indonesia in your search engine, then you will find many options as there are many hotels in Solo. You can start searching the hotel from the price to the location where you can get easy transportation. Although there are many, here we show you the 4 best hotels based on the reviews of... more →
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Best Place for Honeymoon: Must Visit Destinations

Looking for best place for honeymoon? You have so many options starting from the most romantic and exotic place to the most extreme one. It is because each couple has their own interest. You may also be different with common couples as you may love something challenging, unusual or others. However, usually, when people are looking... more →
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Favorite Holiday Destinations in Asia You Should Not Miss

There are so many holiday destinations in Asia you can visit. Indeed, Asia has so many fun places to explore. You can set your own package starting from luxurious holidays to backpacker package where you are really on tight budget. Here, you will find some favorite places in Asia that you should not miss to visit. You can set some... more →
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Jember Fashion Carnival, Annual Event of Unique and Glamour Fashion

Jember Fashion Carnival_1
Jember Fashion Carnival or commonly called with JFC is an annual event of unique and glamour fashion held in Jember, East Java, Indonesia. JFC is established by Dynand Fariz’s idea. He is also JFC Center founder. This event is more than just amazing, it is spectacular. It always becomes a destination of tourists for both local... more →
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Viareggio Carnival 2016: History, Travel Guide, Tips and Info

viareggio carnival_1
Viareggio carnival is one of the most important festivals for many Italian and European. The festival is held annually and it refers to the signs of protest. They protest deals with the idea of high tax to pay. The protest of local citizen is shown through caricatures of well-known people such as politicians, sportsmen, and also... more →
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Mardi Gras New Orleans Carnival: Time to Do a Wonderful Exploration

new orleans carnival_1
Attending a carnival celebration must be very interesting in many ways. Besides it can increase your mood, it can be a perfect way for you who want to find inspirations. Of course, a carnival usually looks extraordinary with people wearing unique costumes and make-ups. Talking about a carnival celebration, some of you must be familiar... more →
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